June 22, 2023

The Value of Sensors & Software in Motion Control

Integration of sensors and software into motion control solutions can provide a variety of benefits

Integration of sensors and software into motion control solutions can provide a variety of benefits. Not only are they important to the performance of the system and its various components – such as gears, hydraulic pumps, pneumatic cylinders, motors, actuators and more – but also offer opportunities for improvements including, but not limited to:

  • more precise movement and control
  • increased efficiency
  • predictive maintenance.


The Benefits of Integrating Sensors and Software into Motion Control Systems

A panel of industry experts discuss the ways sensors and software are being integrated into hydraulic, pneumatic and other motion control related systems and the benefits of doing so.

Emerging Sensor Options in Robotic Actuation

Integration of sensors provides opportunities to improve a robot's ability to "feel" and opens new application possibilities.

Accelerating Electrification Through Precision Motion Control and Software

Electrification is bringing new motion control technologies to the table as well as the ability to use sensors and software for increased control and automation capabilities.

The Role of Sensors and Software in Achieving Efficiency Improvements

A new hydraulic valve technology with independent metering capabilities demonstrates how the use of sensors and software can help achieve efficiency gains.

How to Select the Right Sensor for a Hydraulic Cylinder

Understanding how to select the appropriate sensor for a hydraulic cylinder ensures desired performance and data collection can be achieved.

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