Accelerating Electrification Through Precision Motion Control and Software

Electrification is bringing new motion control technologies to the table as well as the ability to use sensors and software for increased control and automation capabilities.

Eric Berg
Senior Project Engineer
Moog Construction

Eric graduated from Cornell University in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, followed by a Masters in Systems Engineering in 2021. While at Cornell, he co-founded a startup for trickable electric skateboards, for which he raised funds in various business competitions and startup accelerators, including Cornell’s top Incubator program, e-Lab. He started his professional career as an electrical engineer in an accelerated leadership development program at Moog Inc., through which he rotated through several roles in multiple business units, including within the Aircraft Group and the Innovation group. After demonstrating his technical expertise and business acumen through his accomplishments in the leadership development program, he was promoted into his current role within Moog’s Construction business unit where he focuses on strategy and development of autonomous solutions for reimagined construction machines.

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