The Role of Sensors and Software in Achieving Efficiency Improvements

A new hydraulic valve technology with independent metering capabilities demonstrates how the use of sensors and software can help achieve efficiency gains.

Cory Fisher
Engineering Manager
Sun Hydraulics

Cory Fisher is an Engineering Manager at Sun Hydraulics with over 20 years of experience in valve engineering. Throughout his career he has developed solutions in fuel control valves, transmission valves, and machine control valves. He has experience in roles ranging from Research & Development, Test & Validation Engineering, New Product Development, Sustaining Engineering, and Product Management. His current responsibilities include leading engineering teams including Simulation Engineering, Engineering PDM, R&D Testing, and Global Engineering Support. He has a passion for technology and education which started when he studied Mechanical Engineering at Northern Illinois University where he received his BS in 2000 and his MS in 2004.

Steve Weber
System Application Engineering Lead
Sun Hydraulics

Steve Weber graduated with a BSME and MSME from the University of South Florida and PhD from the University of Bath in the UK. He has worked at Sun Hydraulics for 30 years in various engineering roles including manifold design; cartridge design and product line management which has included pressure controls, load holding products, electronics, proportional flow controls; simulation engineering lead; and now system application engineering lead.

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