March 23, 2023

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

A fundamental shift in the relationship between design and operations.


From the reverse engineering of products to the quality feedback loop from manufacturing to the design teams, we look at how plant operations—and the customers they serve—are better connected to create better products faster, with less waste and more flexibility.


The Integration of Humans and Technology

System integration is more than just machine integration. Taking full advantage of the human assets on the plant floor is equally crucial to any project.

11:00 am EST/10:00 am CST

Getting Started in DFMA—And Getting It Right

A distinguished panel of manufacturing experts with experience in Design for Manufacturing and Assembly will discuss how companies can get started—and succeed—in DFMA.

12:00 pm EST/11:00 am CST

Starting From Scratch with Smart Manufacturing

A recent Machine Design survey found that less than 25% of manufacturers currently are implementing a smart manufacturing strategy.

1:00 pm EST/12:00 pm CST

Lessons Learned Using DFMA on Machine Frames

DFMA offers manufacturers several benefits including lower costs for raw materials, labor, and rework, as well as higher quality products.

2:00 pm EST/1:00 pm CST

The Cybersecurity Challenge

A major concern for manufacturers in a digital age is the issue of cybersecurity. From the proliferation of personal and professional digital devices to the threats of external system breach, the concerns over cybersecurity remain high.

Educational Event Includes

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