Power Delivery System Design




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Today’s high-speed designs use a variety of power delivery components and successfully designing a PDS and the PCB into which is incorporated requires a thorough understanding of the overall power delivery system. This course examines how to meet the conflicting goals of the PDS system and how to address power plane, impedance and overall system capacitance issues.

This class is structured to take you through the entire PDS design process, including how to arrive at a reliable design in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest cost possible with a minimal use of single-source suppliers and specialty components and materials.

The materials and examples used are drawn from several real-world designs of PDS systems in current manufacture. These examples range from subminature disc drives to terabit routers and supercomputers. The design process presented is based on many years of completing designs that are “right the first time”.

The goal of the course is for you to take the information learned in class and start applying it immediately to designs, to troubleshoot existing designs and/or incorporate into next-generation product iterations.