April 28, 2022

Robotics by Design

How can robotics provide a competitive advantage as manufacturing continues to evolve?

April 28, 2022

Robotics by Design

How can robotics provide a competitive advantage as manufacturing continues to evolve?


Robotics have proven to be crucial to meet the need of manufacturing even before the pandemic. The strategic use of robotics has improved plant safety and productivity, and innovative deployments of robotics have helped address worker shortages and supply chain challenges. Yet there still are manufacturers who have hesitation about how to effectively deploy robots in their plants.

Industry experts will discuss the value of robotics deployment, how best to integrate those robots safely and efficiently with their human co-workers, and how robotics can deliver a return on the investment and provide a competitive advantage as manufacturing continues to grow and evolve.


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Applications for
Modern Robotics

Jeff Burnstein, president of A3, discusses how robotics played a key role in manufacturing’s continued growth during the pandemic and how robotics continue to be utilized in new ways.
Part 1

The Hows and Whys of Cobot Deployment

This module looks at case studies that focus on how manufacturers have successfully navigated the need for and effective use of cobots on the plant floor.

Part 2

Integrating Robots into Your Plant’s Future

Robotics are integral to the success of modern manufacturing, but there still are questions about how and when to deploy robotics effectively. A panel of industry experts discusses these questions.
Part 3

Robotics and Automation

Industry experts discuss how manufacturing companies are adopting and incorporating robotics technologies to reduce overhead while staying productive in a global marketplace.
Part 4

Motion Control Techniques for Non-Cartesian Motion Systems

During this presentation, we will look at machines with non-Cartesian movement systems.
Part 5


Juan Aparicio
VP Product
Ready Robotics

Michael Buchli Manufacturing Domain, Roles Portfolio Director

Jeff Burnstein

Joe Campbell
Head of Strategic Marketing
Universal Robots

Prabh Gowrisankaran
Vice President of Engineering and Strategy
Performance Motion Devices

Tony Karew
Senior Robotics Portfolio Engineering Specialist
Dassault Systemes

Thomas Pyper Jr.
Automated Systems Group Business Development Manager
Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)

Neil Stroud
Vice President of Engineering and Strategy

Andrew Valentine
Valentine Automation

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