How Pressure Mapping will Influence the Future of Electric Vehicle Design & Manufacturing

Engineers involved in battery and electric vehicle design and manufacturing have common goals: to maximize performance, lifespan, and safety. Attendees will learn why pressure mapping is a critical step in battery R&D for characterizing volume expansion and finding the sweet spot for battery stack pressure, and how to go about it. They will also learn how pressure sensing can be a vital component to a battery management system by monitoring for pressure changes over time to detect hazardous situations. Finally, attendees will hear from a pressure mapping automotive industry veteran about how the evolution of electric and autonomous vehicles comes with the need to re-think traditional seating design, door seals, tire tread design, undercarriage impact pressures, and more.

Mike Contrastano
Applications Engineer

About the Presenter
A seasoned customer facing engineer with broad experience in the test & measurement space, Mike Contrastano has specialized in UT inspection, remote visual inspection, and high speed video prior to his current role as an Applications Engineer for Tekscan’s pressure mapping product line. Mike always strives to build trust with the engineers he consults with by listening and learning as much as possible about the goals of each application and use case first, prior to offering his own input or recommendations. Recent trends in the automotive and energy storage industries have led him into many battery testing labs, where he has translated his knowledge of pressure mapping into real world solutions for challenges facing engineers developing next generation batteries.

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